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Hong Leong Holdings Limited

Company Profile

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Established in the year 1968, Hong Leong Holdings Limited (HLHL) stands as a distinguished and recognized entity. It was conceived as the private property development and investment arm of the Hong Leong Group, an impressive conglomerate known for its diversification and considerable success across Asia. With its primary headquarters firmly based in the bustling economic hub of Singapore, the Hong Leong Group has consistently demonstrated unwavering stability and an exemplary track record.

Hong Leong Holdings Limited, with its strong foundation, has established a solid reputation that is renowned both domestically and regionally. The organization is celebrated for its successful endeavors in the field of property development and investment, with several of its projects now recognized as iconic landmarks within the vibrant city-state of Singapore. This testament to HLHL’s influence and industry prowess instills a sense of pride within the organization.

Continuing its quest for constant elevation of standards in the real estate landscape, Hong Leong Holdings Limited remains unflinching in its commitment to foster a balance between design aesthetics, sustainable practices, and unparalleled customer service. The company’s blueprint for every project includes unique, modern, and sustainable design elements, combined with a steadfast pledge to ensure a memorable and positive experience for every customer. This unique blend of elements contributes to HLHL’s distinct levels of performance, which has positioned the company as a trusted and reliable developer, firmly rooted in its core values and dedicated to its mission.

Hong Leong Holdings Limited, under the broad umbrella of the Hong Leong Group, continues to uphold its legacy of success and dedication, further striving to meet and exceed the high standards it has set for itself in the real estate sector. This pursuit of excellence ensures the company’s steadfast progression within the industry while also perpetuating its commitment to sustainability and quality customer service.


Past Development Achievements of Hong Leong Holdings Limited



Guocoland Limited

Company Profile

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Recognized as a front-runner in the development of integrated mixed-use projects, GuocoLand Limited is a highly esteemed and award-winning real estate firm. The organization prides itself on the creation of distinguished, high-quality developments that captivate the industry through their inventive design concepts and keen attention to detail.

Strategically situated in Singapore, GuocoLand Limited has made a significant impact on the country’s real estate landscape. Through an unwavering commitment to excellence and an ambitious drive for innovation, the company has been able to successfully develop nearly 40 residential projects. The results of these developments have led to the creation of over 11,000 homes, each reflecting GuocoLand’s characteristic blend of premium quality and innovative design. The superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge design showcased in these residential units have not only elevated the living experience of the occupants but have also been acknowledged with numerous prestigious awards and commendations.

GuocoLand’s impressive portfolio extends beyond residential properties, marking a remarkable presence in the development of large-scale, integrated mixed-use and high-end residential developments. These projects signify the company’s ability to seamlessly merge multiple functional spaces – from residential to commercial and recreational, thereby creating cohesive, vibrant communities that enhance urban living.

The Group’s investment strategy is characterized by its willingness to take on ambitious ventures that possess the potential to reenergize districts, foster communities, and dramatically transform cityscapes. This ethos has enabled GuocoLand to transcend traditional real estate development, contributing to the rejuvenation of urban areas and, by extension, the cultivation of social and economic vitality in the regions they operate.

GuocoLand’s remarkable achievements in the realm of integrated mixed-use developments and high-end residential developments not only underscore its role as a leading developer but also highlight its commitment to enhancing community living and shaping urban landscapes. The company’s sustained drive for innovation, coupled with its pursuit of excellence, sets the stage for its continued growth and success in the ever-evolving real estate industry.


Past Development Achievements of Guocoland Limited



TID Pte. Ltd.

Company Profile

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Established in the year 1972, TID Pte. Ltd. has emerged as an exemplary joint venture between two of the real estate industry’s major players: the Hong Leong Group and Mitsui Fudosan. This collaboration embodies an intriguing fusion of Singaporean and Japanese prowess, intertwining talents and managerial styles from both cultures to pioneer excellence within the realm of real estate development. This blend of diverse skills and perspectives gives TID Pte. Ltd. a unique edge in navigating the multifaceted dynamics of the property market.

Over the course of its history, TID Pte. Ltd. has cooperated with various partners to execute a remarkable total of 36 residential projects successfully. Its portfolio goes beyond residential properties to include a broad spectrum of commercial, industrial, and hotel properties, each exhibiting a masterful blend of innovative design and excellent construction quality.

TID Pte. Ltd. is acknowledged as a trendsetter in the built environment industry. Its commitment to excellence is reflected in its embrace of smart architectural design and construction methodologies. The company made its mark in the Asian construction scene by pioneering the Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) approach, first implemented in the Brownstone Executive Condominium. This forward-thinking approach has reinforced its position as an innovative leader in the industry.

The company’s residential projects showcase its ability to deliver high-quality, well-located developments, underscored by its commitment to innovative design and construction safety. Notable ventures such as Nathan Suites and Optima @Tanah Merah bear testament to TID Pte. Ltd.’s prowess. Alongside its partners, the company has also delivered several high-profile projects like The Oceanfront @Sentosa Cove, Forest Woods, The Jovell, and Piermont Grand Executive Condominium.

As TID Pte. Ltd. looks to the future, it remains steadfast in its commitment to developing and delivering high-quality real estate projects. This ongoing dedication is evidenced in its recent successes, such as the highly popular One-North Eden development, as well as future projects planned around the upcoming Lentor Hillock Park. In a nutshell, TID Pte. Ltd. continues to push the boundaries of excellence in real estate development, setting new benchmarks for quality, innovation, and safety with every project it undertakes.

Past Development Achievements of TID Pte. Ltd.



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